Free Radicals and how to remove them.

 /><img height=Free radicals are molecules which are reactive. It has only one electron while healthy molecules have two. Whenever free radicals are at present it will destroy healthy molecules by taking their electrons to stabilise. In this process, the healthy molecules will now have become free radicals itself and resulting a chain reaction of damage to our cells.

Alkaline Water Jug for Alkaline WaterDuring the digestion process the body releases free radicals which generate acid in the body. When your body is too acidic the body tries to get rid of the excess acid by excreting it with the urine and feces and through the sweat glands. Our bodies are getting more and more acidic with every generation. Our elimination systems no longer have the ability to give us neutral acidity and that’s why a number of medical problems are on the rise. As a last-ditch effort your body steals valuable minerals including calcium, from your bones and muscles to help neutralize the acid. In the long run this will result severe damage to our bones and osteoporosis.

Therefore it is important to maintain a balance pH in our body. Why a balance pH is important? Acidic environment in your body is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Thus by changing it into alkaline and lowering the pH level, this will prevent the inbreeding of bacteria and viruses. The solution here is to increase the pH level (alkaline) by eating right and provide ample amounts of electrons to free radicals so it will leave the healthy molecules as it is.

How do we provide more electrons to stabalise free radicals? Antioxidants are known to have extra electrons. By providing extra electrons, antioxidants are able to give away their electrons to stabalise the free radicals. We are able to get antioxidants from healthy food such as food and vegetables. We can shift our diet towards alkaline food and away from acid-forming foods.

Alkaline Water Jug for Alkaline mineral rich ionised waterBut frankly speaking how many of us can actually stick to a healthy diet? For a couple of weeks maybe, but after that it’s back to the old drawing board. Besides the fact that it is difficult to maintain, many of us do not know how to identify alkaline food and acid forming food. Take lemon or citrus for example, you might think it is acidic but once it gets digested it becomes alkaline. The meat that we eat every day is actually highly acidic. It’s difficult to identify acid forming food and alkaline food unless you are chemist. These are other foods that can cause the body to become more acidic: meats, sugar, alcohol, fried foods, soft drinks, processed foods, white flour products and dairy products. Another fact is that people today opt for fast food and eat out due to time constrain. When it comes to home cooked food, you might think this would be healthy but on second thought, they way the food is prepared whether it is boiled, fried or roasted destroys the nutrients.

The easiest way to obtain antioxidants for our body is by drinking it, which is easily accessible and convenient way. The ideal water for the human body should also be slightly alkaline and this requires the presence of minerals like calcium and magnesium. 

  Alkaline Water Jug for alkaline antioxidant mineral water

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